Dr. Ducharme lectures on the status of rehabilitation in Africa" Tanzania, Africa, 2017

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Dr. Ducharme poses with the President of ISPRM 2016 before conducting a Consumer Workshop on Sexuality at the World Congress in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in May 2016

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Dr. Ducharme traveled to Nepal to work with the psychosocial team at the Spinal Injury Rehabilitation Centre shortly after the April 25, 2015 earthquake.

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Webinar by Dr. Ducharme on Sexuality and Multiple Sclerosis

Dr. Ducharme Lectures on Sex and
Spinal Cord Injury at a Consumer Conference for People with SCI.

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Dr. Ducharme lectures
in Las Vegas during September 2013 regarding the psychosocial
components of elearnSCI.org,
a global educational resource on spinal
cord injury.
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Boston University
Click here to find out more about Boston University School of Medicine's Transgender Medicine Program.

Dr. Ducharme being recognized by the President Elect of the International Spinal Cord Society for his contributions to the new international textbook on the management of spinal injuries. (Montreal, 2015).

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Clinical Practice Guideline: Consumer Edition

Reproductive Health in Adults with Spinal Cord Injury: What You Should Know. A Guide for People with Spinal Cord Injury
Stanley Ducharme, Ph.D. Chairman, Consumer Clinical Practice Development Panel, Consortium for Spinal Cord Medicine.


Clinical Practice Guideline

Sexuality and Reproductive Health in Adults with Spinal Cord Injury: A Clinical Practice Guideline for Health Care Professionals.
Stanley H. Ducharme, Ph.D.,Chairman, Clinical Practice Guideline Development Panel, Consortium for Spinal Cord Medicine.



Sexuality After Spinal Cord InjurySexuality After Spinal Cord Injury: Answers to Your Questions by Stanley H. Ducharme, Ph.D., Kathleen M. Gill, Ph.D.

Sexuality After Spinal Cord InjurySexualitat bei Ouerschnittlahmung
Dr. Ducharme and Dr. Gill's revised and updated German edition of the book Sexuality and Spinal Cord Injury published in 2006 by Huber Publishing Co., Bern, Switzerland.

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Sexuality & Disability
Stanley Ducharme, Ph.D., Editor Emeritus

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